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6 Picture Worthy Places in Knoxville, TN

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

Sitting in eastern Tennessee, Knoxville is one of the cities that was quite new to me but an absolutely amazing surprise. Knoxville, Tennessee is more than just the University of Tennessee or the Smoky Mountains. This Scruffy City has so much to offer!

In the process of exploring the city, we found 6 of the most picture worthy places in Knoxville.

1. “Greetings From Knoxville” Postcard Mural

If you can't decide which places to stop and take a picture in Knoxville, the mural has them all! Located at 1143 N. Broadway, this is my first “go to” recommendation to stop and take a picture. There is a parking lot off to the side of the mural, so it’s super easy to pull over and park and have someone snap a solo shot, or grab a group and take a selfie. It is one of the best Instagram photo spots in Knoxville.

One of the great things about the murals is that there's no cost! It is one of the free things to do in Knoxville, Tennessee.

2. Weaving Rainbow Mountain

These stairs are such a fun photo opportunity! They are located at 1050 Cumberland Ave and are second on my list of cool stops in Knoxville. They are found on a long stretch of concrete that connects the University of Tennessee campus to downtown Knoxville. There is also a parking lot next to the stairs, so it’s very easy to stop and take a picture and of course, another free thing to do in Knoxville.

3. The Bridges

This may seem like a cheesy one, but it’s a Knoxville must! Both Gay St. and Henley St. have bridges, and if you go to the riverwalk you can snap a picture with both of them in the same location! I highly recommend you stop for a quick bite at Calhoun’s on the River located at 400 Neyland Dr. They were voted as having the best ribs in the United States and you can take pictures with the bridges at the riverwalk while you wait!

The last three places are all within walking distance in downtown Knoxville.

4. The Tennessee Theatre Marquee

Located at 604 S. Gay Street, the Tennessee Theatre Marquee is one of the most photographed places in Knoxville. The theatre is one of the most historic places in Knoxville, TN. It has been there since 1928 and is right in the heart of downtown.

5. “Downtown Knoxville” Mural

Located in a quaint little alley off of Gay St., the Downtown Knoxville mural is a perfect place to snap a picture and post on the ‘gram. The art scene in Knoxville is nothing short of amazing, and this outdoor wall painting is no different!

6. Knoxville’s Downtown Market

In the heart of downtown, there’s a cute little square just a few blocks up from Gay St. There are tons of restaurants and shops, outdoor seating, and twinkle lights everywhere! This isn’t a “landmark” per se, but it really captures the character of Knoxville. I recommend stopping by even if you don’t want a picture!

Whether you're looking to capture a perfect Instagram story or simply just taking pictures, there are countless of photo ops hidden throughout Knoxville, TN.

Let me know if you visit Knoxville and find some other photo worthy places around the city!


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