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A Perfect Honeymoon Itinerary in Greece

Hey guys! My friends Zach and Emily had their honeymoon in Greece a few years ago, and Emily was kind enough to share their trip details. So - here's everything you need to know for a perfect honeymoon itinerary in Greece!

Zach and I went to Greece for our honeymoon in June 2017. It was an amazing trip and we have so many great memories.

We booked our trip through Vicky Masters at Conlin Travel.

Greece was very affordable and we never felt unsafe. The people in Greece were so friendly and the level of service or hospitality was above and beyond any American standards. And the food was so good. You can't beat the history and culture of one of the greatest civilizations. Early June was a great time of year to go. The weather was warm but not too hot and it didn't feel too busy with tourists, although there were a lot of people.

On our first two nights during our honeymoon in Greece, we stayed in Athens. We stayed at a hotel that was not very memorable but it was part of the Delta Vacations package we had. We spent the first afternoon walking around Athens. On the first full day in Athens, we had a bus tour around the city and saw the Olympic stadium and other sights around the city. In the afternoon we explored the Parthenon and the Acropolis museum. We also really enjoyed the temple of Zeus. We had some amazing food! We didn't plan ahead and just kind of explored and found some options further away from the main tourist sites. We had a great dinner at Diodos with a view of the Parthenon.

On the 3rd day of our honeymoon in Greece, we took a flight from Athens to Santorini. Our hotel was amazing and it was a dream come true. I could not believe my eyes with the view over the caldera. The hotel was the Chromata in Imerovigli. Our travel agent shared that Imerovigli is a better part of Santorini to stay in because it is less crowded, less expensive, and has better views of the unbelievable sunsets. We could walk to the city center and we did hike one day to Oia from Imerovigli.

On our first day in Santorini, we rented an ATV and drove around the island, which was SO fun! We found a vineyard (Estate Argyros) and tasted some wine. The wine there has a different taste because of the volcanic soil and it was fun to try something new. The staff at the Chromata were so helpful and made us dinner reservations at a spot they recommended (Cava Alta) which was amazing! The food in Greece is so good.

The breakfasts with the view over the caldera were one of my favorite parts of staying in Santorini. The next day, we explored around the island on our ATV and saw a red sand beach and a black sand beach. The hotel concierge also helped us book a sunset catamaran cruise around the island and they made us dinner and provided drinks on the boat. We swam in the middle of the volcano that created the caldera (wear a dark swimsuit or else the volcano water will stain). We met another couple on that cruise and we still talk to them today!

On our 3rd day in Santorini was our hike to Oia from our hotel. It took about 2-3 hours and was not bad at all. This was a great way to see the island and get some cool pictures. We did some shopping and exploring the streets in Oia. We took the stairs down to the water and found a path to a swimming area with cliffs and people were jumping off of them. We had so much fun cliff jumping and swimming after our hot hike. We left our bags at the sister hotel to ours, Katikies Hotel in Oia.

The next day we took a high-speed ferry from Santorini to Mykonos. We stayed at Myconian Kyma Design Hotel, which was a 15 minute or so walk to Mykonos town. We spent a lot of time wandering and getting lost in the streets in Mykonos town. They designed the town to be like a maze so the pirates would get lost and not steal everything from the city. The gyros with fries inside are amazing! My mouth is watering just thinking about the street food in Mykonos. Mykonos is known for being very very windy. We had a lot of fun exploring the party scene in Mykonos!

On our second day in Mykonos we took a bus from Mykonos town to a beach on the other side of the island. Most of the beaches are not public and you have to pay 20 euro or more to rent a lounge chair. They have servers who come around and you can order food and drinks. One of my favorite dinners was at Te Maereio's. It was a very small, authentic, family run restaurant recommended by our hotel.

We took a quick flight back to Santorini from Mykonos and then spent our last night in Athens before flying home. We took a funicular up to the Lykabettos hill for an amazing view of the whole city during the sunset.

We had an amazing time and made the most of it while we were there! We didn't spend much time relaxing. We keep talking about when we can go back next!


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